111 Tauri is an F-type star in the constellation Taurus. It is orbited by four planets, as well as one dwarf planet. Coincidentally, it’s brother, Adephaga, is in the same constellation.


This system was chosen for colonization after the discovery of an E-class moon orbiting around its fourth planet.

This E-class moon, later known as Nueva Terra became one of Humanity's first colony worlds.

None of the other worlds in this system were colonized due to them being of low interest to scientists.



First planet

The first planet in the system is a barren selena, orbited by four asteroid moons and is tidally locked.

Second planet


The second planet is a tidally locked desert world with a large cyclone on its daytime side. It is orbited by four small asteroid moons. This planet hasn't gained much interest due to its barren uninhabited environment however, an observatory known as Midnight observatory was built on an enormous salt flat on the night side near the planet's terminator. It is also the location of some automated salt mines.

Third planet


The system's third planet is a desert world slightly larger than Earth. It is orbited by seven dwarf moons and has a 19 hour long rotation. Probes that were sent to this planet didn't find any traces of life nor did they find any sign of water.

Aerio Pelota

Aerio Pelota

Aerio Pelota is the star's fourth planet. It is a large bluish gas giant, surrounded by a beautiful ring system. 74 moons orbit around this planet, three of which, are big enough to have their own atmospheres, the rest being asteroids likely captured by Aerio Pelota's gravitational pull. Its second moon, Nueva Terra, is a human colony. The two others are deserts.

Dwarf planet


The fifth object orbiting 111 Tauri is a dwarf planet, orbited by a small S-class moon. This object is of no interest and only one probe was sent to examine surface conditions.



Above the system's second planet.

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