The 12th Liminibusian Interplanetary War (Common Limspeak: Tvellt Welwit Gwarr Lymunic), commonly referred to as the 12th War, was the last world war fought on Liminibus from 4512 - 4535 AD. It was a devastating war that resulted in the total isolation of Liminibusian people, as it was the cause of the destruction of the last interstellar spaceship. Following the war, the nation-states of Liminibus broke down, and a stateless society of impoverished hunter-gatherers and sustenance farmers dominated the planet for the next 2300 years.


The planet of Liminibus was locked in perpetual war between several factions since 3843, and over the course of nearly 800 years, eleven previous world wars were fought. This time, the main factions of the 12th War were the Boronskepp protectorates, the Lofty Dominion of the South and the East, the Republic of Bertathesis, and the city-state of Kumasi East. All of these were controlled by tyrannical autocrats who vied for supreme control over the planet. It was only two years since the end of the 11th War when the Archmagistrate of the Lofty Dominion, Hindel Frostworth Bacon, ordered the sacking of villages in territory controlled by Kumasi East. In response to this, Charles Vlontiac, the Prince of Kumasi East, sent bombers to strafe the countryside farms of the Lofty Dominion. War was then declared on the 14th of June, 4512. The Republic of Bertathesis, which was allied with Kumasi East, declared war on the Lofty Dominion two days later. Three out of the eight Boronskepp protectorates entered the war on the side of no one, and even declared war among each other.

The Battle of Higgins Dong

The 7th Kumasi Army clashed with the 11th and 15th Corps of the LD in the city of Higgins Dong on 28 August 4512. Higgins Dong was an independent city-state that lay on the western coast in the landmass of Charmorica.

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