ADW Arsenal (Advanced Defense Weaponry) is an arms manufacturing company based in the Milky Way. The current headquarters is located in Mars, Sol System.


ADW was founded in 1995 CE by Maxillan E. Schachner, based in Upper Manhattan, New York City. The company started as a weapon contractor for the United States Army before moving on to manufacturing different types of weaponry.

When World War III broke out in the year 2045 CE, ADW quickly rose to prominence and increased its financial status as a result of the war and supplying both sides covertly. Throughout this period, ADW soon quickly became the dominant arms manufacturer and monopolized the arms industry from new innovations and buying opposing companies.

Transfer to Mars

In the year 2107 CE, ADW headquarters was moved to Mars after a series of data breaches and the destabilizing state of Earth.


ADW produces many different types of weaponry ranging from projectile-based to electromagnetic. The company also produces nuclear weaponry but only limited to small amounts due to safety concerns.

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