With gases hot enough to fry a man in an instant, Abassi is a gas giant with 14 moons, Abassi orbits the star Suquina, a star located within the Milky Way.

Abassi's Moons

Even tough Abassi is the second biggest planet orbiting Suquina, it only has 14 moons, almost all of them being asteroids sucked into its gravity well. Abassi's largest moon is Mutromia, which is commonly called 'The Impossible Moon'. This is due to the fact that the moon itself sits right on the edge of the gas giant's Roche Limit, and is slowly being turned inside out because of it.

Gallery of the moons


Ordered in closest to farthest Orbital Period Diameter Type Moon
Mutromia 6h08m02.03s 245.36 km Dwarf
Proria 11h41m14.82s 7.9 km Dwarf
Roucury 2.705 days 5.14 km Dwarf
Skeron 3.182 days 10.86 km Dwarf
Joblaehines 4.13 days 6.56 km Dwarf
Mufroynia 4.948 days 9.67 km Dwarf
Clilles 5.409 days 18.49 km Dwarf
Smaetania 5.960 days 11.07 km Dwarf
Achuywei 6.41 days 22.28 km Dwarf
Baoliv 7.077 days 17.1 km Dwarf
Estiyter 8.142 days 17.4 km Dwarf
Snone 9.346 days 33.76 km Dwarf
Umia 10.472 days 19.36 km Dwarf
Thoagawa 11.03 days 48.65 km Dwarf

Artificial Satellites

Currently a spacecraft by the name "Liftoff 1" is in orbit of Abassi. Currently, it is studying both its moons and the chemical composition of the planet's gases.


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