The Abbey of the Universal Truth, also known simply as "the Abbey", is a religious order devoted to understanding what they call the "Universal truth".


The Abbey of the Universal Truth holds the following beliefs, which are manifested in the 7 tenants:

  • Tenant 1: The Journey to Truth - Truth lies within all life, whether the smallest cell or the largest titan, any lifeform holds a small shard of the truth. To seek the truth, one must attune their mind to the universe through meditation and training. Through meditation and training, the mind is unlocked. Through unlocking the mind, the gifts of the void are granted. Through the gifts of the void, one will reach enlightenment.
  • Tenant 2: The price of lies - Lies are the source of many problems in the universe which will obscure the universal truth from those who speak them. To speak a lie will bring punishment upon one compounded by it's messengers. It is better to live a life of silence than to speak a lie.
  • Tenant 3: The Watchful Gaze - Do not look for truth where none lies, for to do so will bring only self-ruin upon oneself. Instead, look for truth where it will be found plentiful, for doing so will bring eternal enlightenment.
  • Tenant 4: The Ancient Ones - The Ancient Ones are those who have attained enlightenment over the cycle of their life and should be given the utmost respect. They come from a time before the Republic, perhaps even before we left Ineros. If one should summon you, heed their call and fulfill their commands.
  • Tenant 5: The forces of darkness - There are forces within the universe that seek to destroy all that is good and true, forces which seek to corrupt all. Seek out these forces and expel them from our universe and bring word of the truth to the masses.
  • Tenant 6: The Wandering Mind - Restrict ones mind so as to not fracture it in two. Can a body share two minds? It can not. Seek the truth and the mind will be unleashed as one.
  • Tenant 7: The Duty of the Abbey - The Duty of the Abbey is to find the truth, and the truth is just. Without the truth, we will descend back into the chaos of the void from whence we came. As such, you must share the truth with others no matter the cost.


The Abbey of the Universal Truth has it's roots in ancient Inerosi society, however, it only began to organize it's self a few decades before the discovery of interstellar flight. It's founder, one Vren Kreshai, founded the religion in the hopes of seeking enlightenment for his people, who were preparing to venture into the great unknown. 100,000+ year later, and the religion still lives on as strong as it was in the beginning. However, many of it's believers have begun turning to the religions of Humanity in recent years following the arrival of missionaries from Earth. The future of the Abbey is uncertain...

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