I see, SCART happened to be correct! A peaceful world with two violent, thrashing moons. This will surely be an interesting combination... '

-Termanian Colonist

Aboll (Also known as Chik'Un, or Beringter Vater by German immigrants) is an Earth Sized Me-Class world located within the inner-reaches of the Terminus System. Aboll is well-known for its earth-like composition, and climate. It is unknown on how Aboll has had no life for 12 billion years. Recent studies have shown that life may have existed in the past, in the form of plants, fish, and microbes. It is theorized that a mass-extinction event involving major collisions not 3 billion years ago may have caused this.

Currently, Aboll functions as a go-to vacation spot. The beautiful rings, twisting landscape, and sandy shores have brought it a hawaiian-type reputation within Human visitors. Xa'Thin visitors usually recall feelings of relaxation and happiness when near the shores. The same feelings can be found when one or both major moons are in the sky.

Aboll has been introduced many species of plants in the past, which have been observed to die if left on the surface. This is known to happen from the high acid and salt content in Aboll's soil. Projects to change the soil content on Aboll have been either rejected, or left alone. The answers for this have varied, but mostly come out as 'The natural state of Aboll looks prettier.' Maybe people want a break from weeds and trees..?

Aboll has many major cities, which work like docking and trading ports. In these cities, you may find bio-domes, which harbor many plant species from different galaxies. You may also encounter psionic shrines because of the Xa'Thin majority in the Terminus System. Different things like traditional German foods, celebrations, and buildings can be found here because of the large Human-German ethnicity.


Aboll has 5 moons, which have been observed to be purely magnificent. To any being's eye, the moons can give you a slight feeling of serenity, calmness, and happiness. There is also a drive to look at the moons for a long time. This is thought to have come from the moons' unique appearance compared to others around the Milky Way. The rings of Aboll have a smaller version of this effect.

The two innermost moons, Cela and Yoq, possess an equatorial ridge. The cause for this has been pinned down to Aboll's ring system, which was much bigger in the past. It is known without a doubt that Cela and Yoq collected ring material and dust, forming a ridge over millions of years.

The outermost moon, Tik, also has an equatorial ridge. but, it has observed to be much smaller and less noticeable than the other two. The reason for its formation is different, as well. The ridge on Tik is known to have been caused from material since the formation of Aboll, about 12 billion years ago.

The two major moons, Ounia and Algos, both are similarly sized, with similar mass between them. They also contain a thick atmosphere, clouds, and a climate system. But, that is where the similarities seem to end. For a start, Algos has many conflicting colors and biomes on its surface. This factor is much different than Ounia, which is much more uniform in color. Ounia also has more static and slow-flowing clouds in its atmosphere, unlike Algos. Algos has fast-paced clouds, and much more cloud cover. Algos is also much hotter than Ounia. Whereas Ounia has an average temperature of 17 Degrees, Algos has a scorching 244 on average. Hot enough to melt tin!

These large differences in the major moons has given them a likely chance hat they do not come from the same origin. Where these origins are in unknown.

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