The Aed'Ve System (RS 0-8-2097151-705-24-7-221508-105) is a binary star system, home to the Nuq'Ak.


Aed'Ve consists of two stars orbiting a common barycenter. These two stars are:

  1. The K0V Orange Dwarf Aedheria, with 6 planets including Hainrola and an asteroid belt
  2. The M1V Red Dwarf Cuinve, with 5 planets..

Both stars have some form of cometary cloud which are constantly being perturbed by each other.

The Nuq'Aks had colonized the Aedherian system well before their invention of the warp drive, yet they only managed to colonize Cuinve's planets by 8,900 CE.

In total, the system is home to 18 billion Nuq'Aks, 7 billion of which lives on Hainrola.

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