Flag of AfrikaCorp

AfrikaCorp is one of the founding members of the Cassiopeia Consortium.


The AfrikaCorp was formed in 2095, this company was formed a few years after an ideal world for colonization and terraforming was discovered by an Ethiopian manned mission to Gamma Leporis and the subsequent discovery of Afrika.

After their success with Afrika, the company became a rival terraforming company to Terragen. Headquartering on their first terraformed planet on a small island in the northern hemisphere, they helped terraform new worlds but mostly stuck to making World Ships out of small dwarf planets. They became number one in the terraforming and equipping of worldships.

In the year 3215 the company along with many other major ones all but merged and became part of the Cassiopeia Consortium.


AfrikaCorp Home

Original headquarters of AfrikaCorp

AfrikaCorp was founded to make worlds that could help preserve human cultures on Earth that were dying thanks to encroaching technology. As such they developed the ideas and technology behind worldships. A planet could easily be found, but a worldship was harder to track and less likely to be overrun by technology unless done by the choice of the citizens inside.


At the height of their power in the 30th century they controlled the wealth of three dozen or so systems. They were (and still are but to a lesser degree) the leading company when it comes to worldship design and terraforming.

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