The Agape Galaxy, also known as NGC 608 in scientific name, is a spiral galaxy, of the Sb type. It is located at 215 million light years from the Milky Way.

It is one of the larger-class Galaxies in the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster, similar in size to the Lewis Galaxy. Alongside Elcano Galaxy, the Lewis Galaxy and many others, the Agape Galaxy is one of the most populated and important in Herschel Space, being a key Galaxy for the Lewis Nations


The discovery was made on April 14th, 1789 by William Herschel for Humanity.

The first human inhabitants came from the Lewis Galaxy and the Lewis Nations by the year 123 006 CE. It is famous for holding an important Aldorian population as well as other Alien species. The Aldorians arrived in the Galaxy in the year 120 307 CE. The Aldorian Nations to have participated in the colonization of Agape are the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Confederacy. To a lesser extend, the Aldorian Hegemony has a small presence. Some scattered worlds are in hands of the Aldorian League and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans who wander in the void of this Galaxy in their giant living-spacecrafts. They use this worlds as operational bases.

The name "Agape" means, in the old language of Earth known as Ancient Greek, "Love" or "Deep, passionate Love", similar to the one given to a lover or the one experienced in newly beloved partners. It was given this name due to the loose and beautiful appearance of this Galaxy.

The Galaxy is one of the so called Shared Galaxies, meaning that its control is split among several nations. With Imperial, Unionist and Aldorian presence being the most prevalent, while the United Alliance, the Intergalactic Federation and the Republic of Sion having minor territories in it. The Krizik are absent from the Galaxy.

Alien Species

Many Alien species exist within Agape, although none has achieve sufficient levels of Civilization to occupy large areas of the Galaxy nor travel outside of it. Some of the Species in Agape have been enslaved by the Aldorians and no longer exist as a separate entity. Other have prospered in the Aldorian Confederacy, the United Alliance and the Intergalactic Federation to some extent. The species within the Empire or the Union have been largely engulfed and ignored, with very few commercial contact if any.

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