Agios (also written as Aγιος in Greek form, meaning "holy") is one of the most heavily populated Terra worlds in the opposite end of the Milky Way from Earth. It is currently controlled by the Confederacy of Humanity, and is the local capital of the Agios Prime system. Currently, over 10 billion people have permanent residence, with additional tourism adding about 2 billion every year. Despite having many quirks to Earth, its ESI rating is spectacularly a 0.934 Earth Similarity Index.

Astronomical Location and Indexing

Agios is designated as RS 8476-918-7-65905-410 A4 on SCART, and is a temperate terra with life (a.k.a an E-Class world). It is currently 7.663 kilo-lightyears away from Sol.

Biosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Agios is primarily composed of naturally-formed oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Water oceans (H2O) cover some areas of the surface, and many clouds are present and strewn across the skies.

The life on Agios is carbon-based and peaceful. No known sophonts have arisen there, but Agios is home to gigantic fluorescent jungles and millions of unique species.

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A surface map of Agios.

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