The Agrami are a currently extinct race and were also that are believed to be related to the First Civilization. They were tall and had four thin fingers. They had no hair or eyes. Some exobiologists speculate that despite the lack of vision, they had very good senses, and perhaps even extrasensory senses. It is unknown if they have distinct genders.


Agrami have two, big nostrils, but no "nose", in the normal understanding. Their mouth is large and their skin is pale. They have some kind of carapace in their heads, but the evolutionary purpose is unknown. Some exobiologists who believe that they have psionic abilities, like Froge Murphy, usually say that this "carapace" allows them to have telepathy and other psionic skills. Their teeth are sharp. This also gives insight into what the First Civilization may have looked like or at least resembled.

Relation to the First Civilization

Research has revealed that the Agrami may be related to the enigmatic First Civilization as several pieces of evidence have been found relating to such.

The first was a mysterious holographic message that appeared to show an Agrami individual that when translated, seemed to yield some kind of warning. Here's what it said: "We are the Agrami." The signal was unstable and crashed a lot. "I do not have much time, we are being attacked by aliens that appear to be from the future or at least another time! It is the end of our civilization... If you are a future galactic nation, please, listen to me with attention. It is extremely important for your survival. You–", and then the message abruptly ended. This left many researchers baffled, and some terrified, of what they had just witnessed. Who or what were these "aliens from the future", "could they have been future Humans?" and "If so, why?", leaving more questions and mystery.

More evidence is their appearance which seems to match depictions of the First Civilization, such as their skeletal structure. If they are related to the aforementioned race then it can give us major insight into the First Civilization.

Thirdly, the structures on Sanskrti Prime resemble those of the First Civilization, rotting away on their ancient colony worlds. However, it is unknown why they didn't seem as advanced, since what's left of their technology looks slightly less advanced then the Forst Civilization's. Archeologists theorize that they could be the descendants of colonists from the First Civilization who eventually evolved slightly differently over time.

Stinie Garcia has the hypothesis that they may have had several different subspecies, as humans do. The reason for that is that the only image of an Agrami we have is the holographic message from the past, but we just saw only one Agrami, so it is possible there could have been different variations of this species.

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