Agsia (RS 8474-944-7-1576109-437 A4) is a major human colony world inside the Milky Way and is the central world of the Rinsian Food Service.


Agsia and it's extensive ring system composed mostly of dust particles. The planet experiences cold temperatures and an extreme axial tilt of 51 degrees.


As Confederate scout ships roamed the galaxy scanning for new habitable planets, one of them encountered Agsia and performed a close fly-by of the E-Class world to gather greater details on the atmosphere and surface. The Confederacy's new discovery was announced a long with plans for a new food service.

For tens of thousands of years since it was colonised in 7264, the inhabitants have developed a religious society, a religion that existed for at least 1,000 years at the time of colonisation.


Agsia is a world orbited by a vast ring system, as inhabitants look upon them every day and night. Because of this ring system, meteor showers reveal themselves as magical shows of lights shooting across the night sky. Agsia was chosen as the potential candidate for a food production world for its amazing reputation as a tourist planet, because of the strange trees, plants and animals that roam the landscape. The fruit grown on the trees and plants were delicious, and the plants were gorgeous to observe. By New Year's Eve in 7262, the planet's colonisation had begun and was completed in two astonishing years.

The food production service was now established into it's early foundations. Thousands of citizens offered to work at the farms full time from the beginning. To this day, it still serves as the number one job on the planet due to comfortable working conditions and the friendly attitudes workers had with each other. The organisation was growing rapidly but it had to expand to other habitable planets over the next century. The founder, Uuk'Tan, had revealed the name for the first time, the Rinsian Food Service in 7265 which he named after his long, deceased mother.


The rocky moon Uuka has a semi-major axis of 49,540 km and was colonised by the Rinsian Food Service organisation in 7273.

The global population was exploding as millions of citizens from across the Milky Way had come to live here. As of present day, the population remains stable at about 3 billion. Once the planet became overcrowded, colonies were setup on it's largest moon Uuka to keep pace with the increasing population. Until about 7285, the Kirisin religion had finally spread to the planet and moon which now accounts for 95 per cent of the total population. The remaining 5 per cent are either atheists or follow other religions.

Until the horrors of the First Galactic War finally arrived, mass evacuations across the planet had managed to let 800 million refugees escape the chaos, unfortunately, 200 million died from bombing raids, some were even nuclear. The Giokans broke through the planetary defence system and invaded the surface dwellers several times. The food service was limited, and rationing began across the entire galaxy. When the Second Galactic War was declared, rationing was immediately in use again.

The two wars passed and life in the cities gradually recovered in less than a century. Afterwards, the Rinsian Food Service were fully fuctional again and rationing was abandoned. The population of the planet began to rise and increase by hundreds of millions, eventually stablising and remaining at 3 billion.


Before the First Galactic War the population was mostly religious, but until the chaos of the war the religion suddenly migrated to another planet out of harms way. The inhabitants, from after the war, do not believe in any gods but rather chose to believe that the mysterious dark matter was the force binding each other together, a form of telepathy, sixth sense and visions.

Once the 7400s had begun, the inhabitants, who decided to be known as the Agsians, had decided to reach for the stars and brought the RInsian Food Service with them. Within a century, they had colonised seventy star systems, each with a population of at least a million.

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