Agugarar (1)

One of the homeworlds of the Swarm.


A warm E-Class world, Agugarar (RS 8409-511-6-120109-330 in 9.7.4 beta v5) has a diameter of 12391.4 km and a gravity of 1.1 G. It orbits its sun at a distance of 0.8 AU giving it a year length of 227.7 days. Its local day length is 16 hours and 9 minutes.

The planet has 12 moons, one of which is a warm D-Class world. The remaining ones are captured asteroids. The system is 5.5 billion years old and located a mere 6545 light years from the galactic core.


With an axial tilt of 140° and 8’ the seasons on the planet are very rough and always hot as the planet has a normal mean temperature of 91.9 °C. The planet has an atmosphere of 0.5 ATM.

The planet experiences many large storms during most of its seasons.

Agugarar (2)

Map of Agugarar


The plant life on this planet is large thanks to the increased solar radiation and due to the massive hot rainstorms. They are tropical in nature as well.

The animal life has evolved to be able to survive the planet’s extreme heat and the storms. There are very few animals with fur. Most are insectlike or reptilian.

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