Airialathar from orbit.

Airialathar (RS 8409-1353-7-1045599-356 4 in is a temperate E-Class human worldship colony world. It is the home of the Airialannar, a human sub-species artificially evolved to look like fantasy Elves and to withstand the high gravity(2.7xEarth) of Airialathar.


Airialathar is separated into 7 major regions: Sentagh on the North Pole, Dovann the northern Temperate Rainforest, Malaka the Northern Desert Belt, Mennavereth the Tropical Cloud Forest, Volanvall the Southern Desert Belt, Ljosar the Southern Forests, and Svartar on the South Pole.


Sentagh on the North Pole of Airialathar is a mostly featureless ice cap, home to Inuit nomads and the Saentagnar or Snow Elves, a group of white-skinned Airialannar who live underground in large halls. The Saentagnar use the most technology out of all the Airialannar, and their spaceships carry goods and resources throughout the galaxy.


Dovann is the most mountainous of the regions of Airialathar. It is the home of the Dovannar, Airialannar who live along the mountain slopes and cliffs. Dovann is very rainy and foggy, second only to Mennavereth in moisture. Dovannar looks similar to DuPont State Forest on Earth, but has much larger plantlife.


Malaka is the great desert separating the lush realms of Dovann and Mennavereth. It is home to the Malakim, a group of Airialannar who are famous for their large telescopes and sandstone cities. Malaka is home to all sorts of desert creatures and cacti, and Malakim Spaceship captains have gotten rich from selling the hallucinogens found in these cacti.


The Cloud Forest of Mennavereth is a truly lush forest, home to massive trees that stretch as high as 20th Century Skyscrapers, forests of giant ferns that can grow as big as Sequoias, and the Great Moss, a single moss organism stretching 200 square kilometers. This forest is the biggest and rainiest in all of Airialathar, and has countless species both discovered and undiscovered. The forest is always growing as well, so soon their might be trees whose trunk is measured in miles tall and wide. The Mennavar live in Mennavereth, hollowing out dwellings in the massive trees here. They have and need the least technology of the Airialathar, as they can easily live off of what the forest gives them.


Volanvall is a barren land, only inhabited by explorers and miners. However, this barrenness makes it a great place for the Malakim to undertake their spaceship launches, and many abandoned mines have been turned into science laboratories.


Ljosar is an ancient hardwood forest and the home of the Ljosalfar. The Ljosalfar make their homes in the trees, building treetop houses connected with rope bridges. The Ljosalfar are, and have been for a long time, at war with the Svartalfar of Svartar.


Svartar is a polar coniferous forest home to the Svartalfar. Svartar actually contains few living plants, most of the trees are frozen into a material called Ironwood, formed from wood that has basically become permafrost. The Svartalfar have been at war with the Ljosalfar for hundreds of years.

Map of Airialathar.


Most Airialannar, with the exception of the Malakim and Saentagnar, do not use much technology, but all are aware of the technology that created their worldship. A group of Malakim and Saentagnar are the pilots and official representatives of the Airialannar in the Confederation. Sometimes, Airialannar will make a pilgrimage to the Malakim telescopes to see the skies they are traveling through in high detail. Many Airialannar are polyamorous, having several spouses at once. This likely stems from some of the first colonists of Airialathar hailing from Heritage.


The Saentagnar are a charitable people, sneaking their latest inventions to children on nearby planets via their FTL drives. They live mostly in underground halls similar to traditional fantasy dwarves, and their culture also has many elements of dwarven culture. For example, the Saentagnar are split into several kingdoms and each one stretches from the surface to near the beginning of the mantle usually. Some are even entirely located underground!


The Dovannar live in the maze-like mountains of their home and are the most culturally diverse of the Airialannar groups. The Dovannar make their houses on the sides of mountains and in the valleys. The Dovannar are lead by a High Druid, a Technologically-inclined Dovannar who governs Dovann and protects its nature.


The Malakim are the Airialannar of the Desert, and the only Airialannar group with an organised religion. They worship Lugus, whom they believe to be the god of heat, stars, and the sky. The Malakim build large cities out of sandstone, centered around temples of Lugus that double as telescopes. The Malakim are perhaps the most urban of the Airialannar.


The Mennavar are the most numerous of the Airialannar, living in the large forest of Mennavereth. They are strictly vegetarian due to their religion and t4he fact that the giant fruits found in Mennavereth are a better food source than meat.

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