The Akriti System, or RS 8474-1353-7-1552478-36, is/are the home system(s) of the Azlani Humans.


There are 12 planets (23 if you count the planets around Vulia) in the system. They are as follows:

Planets around Akriti

  • Azara - Known to be highly volcanic. It's atmosphere is filled with Krypton and Xenon
  • Alisep - A desert planet scorched by Akriti's heat.
  • Azlan - The Homeworld of the Azlani Humans
  • Lenus - A Temperate Terra and the first Azlani colony
  • Imdali - A gas giant comprised of Hydrogen and Helium.
  • Sirona - A cold Ice Planet that is home to a massive Confederacy Mining Operation.
  • Akari - A cold Ice giant comprised of Hydrogen and Helium
  • Xaldi - A frozen planet covered in ice made up of Methane. The atmosphere is filled with Methane and Nitrogen
  • Gazaya - The largest Gas giant in the system. Made up of hydrogen and helium
  • Imhotep - A frozen ice planet with an atmosphere of Neon and Nitrogen
  • Nantan - A frozen ice giant with an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium
  • Koshi - A frozen ice planet home to a mining operation by the Confederacy.

Planets around Vulia

  • Antaeus - A tidally locked desert with water vapor in it's atmosphere
  • Shakasi - Another tidally locked desert with water vapor in it's atmosphere
  • Mercudo - A warm Ice Giant with an atmosphere of Hydrogen and Helium
  • Galba - A temperate Selena that is tidally locked to Vulia
  • Bukuret - A cool Selena that is home to a small research base used by the Confederacy
  • Banton - A cool Gas Giant that is home to several refueling stations.
  • Crius - A cold titan with an atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Carbon Monoxide.
  • Khepri - A frozen gas giant that has at least fifteen different stations in orbit of it.
  • Velzi - A frozen Ice Giant with a ring system around it. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the system.
  • Malina - A frozen Ice Giant with nothing else that is interesting about it. That's it, end of story.
  • Vudu - A frozen ice world with a mining operation run by the confederacy.
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