Albbeb is a cool desert planet, and the third planet in the Fymsli system. It has five moons, all unnamed asteroids.


Since the planet is tidally locked, the night side of the planet is an icy wasteland while the other side is a barren cool desert. The night side of the planet is covered in a massive ice sheet, with some frozen mountain ranges, lowlands, and plateaus. The day side is a barren desert similar to Mars before terraforming. Mostly dunes and lowlands, with some plateaus. But what’s strange is that most of the mountain ranges and high elevated points are located on the area between the day and night side.


The atmosphere on Albbeb is very thin, like Mars’s and holds no moisture. Unlike Mars, the planet has a moderate magnetosphere and its atmosphere is not loosing to space. The temperatures on the night side are frigidly cold, while the temperatures on the day side are typically -20 degrees centigrade. There are sometimes duststorms like Mars has, and ice winds can sweep over the night side. It's atmosphere is so thin it's almost classified as a selena planet.

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