Sometimes known as Maia 9.2, Alcaya is a warm E-Class moon orbiting a blue, gas giant. It is a human colony that was colonized in 3289. The moon and its system of planets was discovered in 3247.

In 9954, senate member, of the Confederacy of Borealis, Miro Vranchev, with Titan-born astronomer Roeland Latuheru made a public declaration concerning the Anaximander project.



Alcaya is the second moon from the warm gas giant. Another moon can be seen.

Being only 19.8 million years old and due to its powerful and energetic, blue-ish white star, the moon is abscent of life. However, due to the moons discovery in 3247, terraforming companies set their targets to Alcaya. Within two months, manned missions arrived and terraforming began. Mirror's were sent to the surface to cool down the planet to roughly 15 celsius and bio-engineered life was sent to absorb the high levels of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere until a small amount was left for future plants and trees.

In 3251, the first city was established and was called Fort Orion. It is about 4 km in length and is surrounded by a wall about 250 meters tall.

Due to the moon's low gravity, newer generations of Humans are at least 7 ft tall and have more slender arms and legs.

Climate & Geography

Alcaya is mostly a water world but with a few small, lifeless islands until 3247. Asteroids and comets were mined for rocks and ices to make bigger islands and better scenery to resemble the geological features found on Earth. 

The moon has an average temperature of 58.6 celsius. It has no greenhouse gases, therefore, it does not have a greenhouse effect. The atmosphere is mostly oxygen and nitrogen and has an atmospheric pressure of 0.16.

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