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Aleion is an E-Class moon of Bellerophon (RS 8474-1353-8-10982573-228 in 0.980) and was the first E-Class world to be discovered orbiting a frozen R-Class world.


Aleion has a diameter of 8852.6 km and a gravity of 0.4 G. It has a semimajor axis of 359002.6 km from its parent planet. Its standard day length is 2.9 Earth days. The planetary system is around 7.2 billion years old. It is the only major world, the other moons being asteroids.


Aleion (2)

The Orion Nebula from an active volcano on the surface

Aleion has an axial tilt of 36°41’. The planet’s mean average temperature is 16.9 °C and it’s atmospheric pressure at sea level was at 0.4 ATM before terraforming. It currently is near earthlike standards. Before the terraforming the continents were mostly deserts - but they were seeded with many tree seedlings. Soon, it became a natural paradise.


R-Class worlds were no mystery to the Confederacy. Many had been discovered wandering through the galaxy with hosts of dead worlds. However, the Federation scout ship that discovered this planet in 3229 was shocked to discover a relatively warm terrestrial moon dimly illuminated by the star Alnilam located only 7.2 light years away with an apparent magnitude of -9m.7, slightly less bright than the full moon from Earth. It was also illuminated by many surrounding nebulae. Furthermore, it was geologically active and the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere managed to keep the surface warm. In fact, it was suitable for humans to walk on the surface with only a breathing apparatus - needed due to the large amount of carbon dioxide.

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First long term exposure image by the T.S.C. Intrepid taken during its discovery. Bellerophon in the background.

This caused a surge in the search for R-Class worlds. The planet was intensely studied for half a century before the Terragen CEO applied for a terraforming license of the moon. The atmosphere was carefully scrubbed while at the same time massive glowing orbs of light and heat were built and placed in orbit of the moon in order to give the illusion of a 24 hour day/night cycle, and make up for the lost heat from the lack of carbon dioxide. These mini-suns were, when you strip down the outside, large fusion generators. One was not enough to provide heat and light to Aleion’s surface so a large half circle was built, giving it the appearance of a large band of light crossing the sky.

Plant and animal life from Earth was brought and the planet was seeded, speeding along the terraforming process, by 3351, the first rogue moon was terraformed and colonized by member worlds of the Federation of United Star Systems and other surrounding human worlds, all eager to live on the unique world - most famous at the time for its sky.

Aleion Map

Aleion map

In peacetime, the world is known for being a perfect place to evade the hustle and bustle of everyday galactic life. During times of war it is a perfect place to evade invading forces. A neutral world, Aleion restricts the amount of people who can visit at a time.

It currently has a permanent population of 976 million, although there are many more visitors.

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