Also known in the past as Naurotul and Kongla, this temperate E-Class world (RS 8584-63-7-958904-42 7 in 9.7.3.), which is located in the Centaurus Galaxy is the current homeworld of the Githu, former homeworld the Hakoduil and Ingla as well as of the capital planet of the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.


The planet has a diameter of 13103.8 km giving it a gravity of 1.2 G. With a semimajor axis of 0.8 Au the planet’s year is a short 278.3 standard days. The planet has a short day of only 15 hours and 35 minutes.

The planet has no tectonic plates but still manages to have a magnetic field which protects the life on the planet. The planet also has no moon.


With an axial tilt of 179° and 49’, the planet has little wobble and virtually no seasons despite the fact that it has very large polar ice caps. The atmospheric pressure is half that of Earth and the planet has a mean temperature of 3 °C.

With only two major continents and various smaller islands, the world is mostly oceanic, meaning there is more life in the seas than on land. The temperature is colder than that of Earth meaning much more snow. The reason for the color of the atmosphere is due to ancient microbes that tint the sky the slightly orange color.


Currently the global population of 3.1 billion Githu, 190 million Ingla and 32 million Hakoduil is a technological paradise. The three species that live on the planet live in peace surprisingly despite their distinct nature.

The planet is ruled by a regent who reports directly to the Three Emperors of the Imperium, one from each species. He, along with a council, make laws and pass them as well as deal with many matters of state.

For the most part the planet is at peace but that doesn't mean trouble doesn't arise occasionally.


Algwethmai Map

Map of Algwethmai

Being much older than Earth at 12.5 billion years, this planet has more history than Earth. The planet has been home not to one, but three intelligent species, the last ones being the current inhabitants.

The first intelligent species to arise on the planet over 6.8 billion years ago were the Hakoduil. The Hakoduil arose on the smaller major continent of Algwethmai. Quick, small and clever, they survived not by strength or speed but by their intellect and cunning. They quickly became the dominant species on the planet, spreading to the larger continent and islands. They used their intelligence to spread among the stars. At the height of their power they were a Late Type II civilization, building large artificial structures around other stars, a few of which are still functional.

Their great galactic empire lasted for over a billion years until over 6 billion or so years ago some unknown disaster befell the worlds of the Hakoduil. Within only a few hundred years time their worlds fell. The remaining Hakoduil gathered in a large hollowed out asteroid and headed out into their galaxy in search of a new home.

With life all but wiped out on Algwethmai, evolution took its course again and within about 1.5 billion years a second species arose on the planet, this time originating from a small northern island continent on the planet. Known as the Ingla, they were not as intelligent as their predecessors, but made up for it in physical strength and speed. They developed technology at a slower rate than the Hakoduil and eventually reached space. At the height of their power over 3 billion years ago they were a Mid Type II Civilization, having explored stars as far away as 500 light years and had begun building large space habitats.

However, their reign was not to last as well. Their outer worlds began to fall in a surprisingly similar way to when the Hakoduil worlds fell. The Ingla had, however, prepared for this and had built Arkships to head to a planet far outside their local space.

Once more evolution on Algwethmai resumed and eventually the ancestors of the Githu arose over five million years ago. They first appeared on the largest continent of their world. The Githu survived and evolved to become the dominant species by blending into their surroundings using their camouflage techniques. They are one of the best masters of elusion and illusion ever evolved.

Building on their predecessors, they quickly spread across their world and headed out into space over six thousand years ago. In their exploration of the galaxy they somehow managed to rediscover the descendants of the former rulers of Algwethmai. Both species were at an Early Type 1 stage of redevelopment due to circumstances with the FTL on their arks.

After rediscovering their roots, the three species decided to form the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres to attempt to defend against whatever had destroyed the former civilizations of Algwethmai.

The Confederacy first discovered them ten years after means to generate wormholes was discovered. After twenty years of study, First Contact was established between the two spacefaring civilizations. A loose treaty exists between the Confederacy and Imperium and has not faltered yet.

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