Alice(RSC 8474-5725-4-446-22 A3) is a Warm E-Class Planet that is a location in the universe in which planetary stability can ensue, because of it's location around a DQ0.3 White Dwarf, Named Wonder. Alice Hosts Multi-cellular life, which are very heat-resistant. Alice Originally sat too close to it's star, so it was moved so Alice's 40-65 C temperature swings were lowered to 15-30 C. Alice Spins very slowly, and experiences no seasons.


Life On Alice Contains Multi-Cellular Life, In Both Terrestrial and Marine Forms. The Intelegent species on the planet, named the Alipo, Live within the oceans, and are a Type 2 Civilisation. In 6540, the Alipo were biologically changing to have lungs instead of gills, because of the increased distance from Wonder. Other lifeforms include massive dinosaur-like creatures scaling sizes of over 50 feet tall.

The Alipo

The Alipo are an Aquatic, Octopodic(Yes that's the actual term) Type 2 Civilization. Alipo Are 6 Feet tall on average, and naturally live about 70 years. Alipo are one of the few intelligent species to have two sets of legs and arms, giving them 8 limbs. The Alipo Have Their Culture revolves around the stars in their globular cluster, which are visible during the day. Alipo have a peculiar ability to adapt to their surroundings, such as the 6540 movement to land

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