A list detailing all alien activity on Earth prior to the 22nd century.

65 Million BCE

The First Civilization transports Dinosaurs from Earth to Eeyttir to prevent their extinction.

7,500 BCE

Unknown alien civilisation transports Humans from Earth to Azlan.

1851 CE

An unknown insectoid race visits Earth and studies various bird and insect specimens, later transporting them to the planet Setifora

1945 CE

One of the many Forerunner observers witnesses the dropping of the 'Fat Man' bomb in Nagasaki. Observers are urged to leave Earth as soon as possible.

1947 CE

Alien Spaceship crashes in the town of Roswell, New Mexico.

2005 CE

Delvans do a survey of Earth to study Humanity's technology and overall intelligence.

2017 CE

Evkoba Entonear, a Ski'pec, flies past Earth and picks up music signals coming from the planet.

2034 CE

The Plu'ani from Mykhatsi, visit Earth but clandestinely due to their contact directive.

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