The Alko Galaxy (code RG 0-8-3891692-1547) is the home galaxy of the Ror Units and the center of the Alkan Intendancy. It is 500 megalightyears from the Milky Way. It is home to twenty self-aware species. Unlike most major galaxies, this one was untouched during The War for All.


Important planets in the Galaxy include D'Naevium, Tewvas, Jorium, and Gelvet.

It is close to the center of the Alkan Intendancy, with tens of thousands of wormholes leading towards it. It also has a very dense population, with almost 50% of all spherical bodies (not including stars) having inhabitants, compared to the Milky Way's 25%

The population is also quite large for a galaxy of its size. Its population is 1.2 Sextillion. It has one of the densest populations in any galaxy.

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