Alphos (Code RS 0-8-3894582-3824-12-8-5309621-696 A4 in 9.9.0) is the Capital planet of The Empyrean, a somewhat small nation boarding The Alkan Intendancy. It is in the Fluorescence Galaxy and is home to the religion Fuukanism. The Ravis are native to this planet. The planet orbits an orange dwarf called Lelis.


The planet Alphos is a very important world in The religion, as it has various relics on it. The Four original holy books, the remains of the only prophet, Molonov, and councils for the millions of denominations of Fuukanism.

The planet acts as the seat for the government of the Empyrean. Of course, a civilization of this scale cannot even have some of the larger bureaus individually fit onto one planet. So, while the planet is called the seat of the government, it is actually the entire system that houses the various government departments which manage the Empyrean.

Even so, many of the leaders of the various departments, bureaus, and even the Parliament itself are all stationed on the planet. This leads to it being the most valuable planet within the Empyrean. Not for a rare resources, but simply all of the leaders that reside there (in addition to the symbolic value)

The planet hosts trillions if physical visitors and quadrillions of virtual ones every month, making tourism the number one industry on the planet. All tourists are highly screened. Even slight infractions can get one banned for centuries or even permanently. This, of course, serves to protect the various heads and leaders here.

Her Mighty Armada

As with most capital planets, there is always a fleet seconds away in the event of an invasion. This fleet, called "Her Might Armada" is fully independent from the military of the Empyrean. While mostly used for show in present days, in the past it was a formidable enemy. Occasionally, it was the only thing standing between enemy fleets and Alphos.

It is composed of several million ships. What makes these ship's special is their sheer scale. The ships are so big that they have to deal with a light-lag of several seconds from one end of the ship to the other. This ludicrous size is almost entirely impractical, mostly serving to satiate The Ravis' drive to make ludicrously large ships. They are modular in design, so they usually fragment into millions of pieces during a battle, only to reform in the middle of a battlefield. Almost always physically blocking enemy ships from even seeing Alphos.


Like many planets, this one has significant monuments dedicated to important ideas, individuals, or events. Alphos has ten multi-kilometer tall statues dedicated to the most commonly worshiped gods and goddesses within the Empyrean. A much taller statue of Fuukos is in the center of these.

Orbiting the planet are even more monuments to Fuukanism. Large solar shields or satellite arrays display excerpts from the Holy Books, as well as a multi-kilometer wide bust of Molonov's head. This planet would be wildly different were it not for these monuments, as they are typically very grandiose even compared to other capital planets of larger nations.

Atypical Technology

Practitioners of making their technology tremendously large, particularly the Ravis. When it comes to their technology, this was no different.

Several large spheres exist on the surface of the planet. These spheres were the first fusion reactors on the planet. However, unlike most species, they were able to do this relatively early. This had nothing to do with the holy books, they were just ambitious enough to use the most expensive form of Fusion power. These extremely large reactors utilized the regular detonation of hydrogen bombs to create energy. While at first, it was far more expensive than traditional power sources, it soon became cheaper.

Another example of atypical technology is what are called "skyways." These Skyways work by firing hundreds of lasers at the air directly underneath whatever an individual walls with. It forces the air to remain "solid" long enough so that they do not fall. Most species never use this technology because it's typically terrifying, especially at great heights. Regardless, the planet is covered in these.

The planet also utilizes something called "Utility Fog." When a building is not currently being used, often times it will disassemble into a cloud of nano-machines only to reassemble into something else. When the old building is needed again, the machines will reassemble back into that structure. While this is the least unique of the technologies mentioned, the scale at which the planet can rearrange itself is rivaled by relatively few.


Alphos is tidally locked to it's star, meaning that the majority of water is in the twilight area rather than facing its sun. Most plants have evolved to have roots in the twilight zone, but grow long stems out to brighter areas for more sunlight. This creates sideways forests, rather than the vertical ones more common on non-tidally-locked worlds.

The front face of the planet is home to many dessert dwelling species. The large storm on this face makes sure that they have adequate water. Even so, rain will often time fluctuate rapidly from torrential downpour to extreme droughts for months at a time. This is in stark contrast to the back half. While many live and work in this area, naturally, it is very barren. It is covered with thick sheets of ice, rain is rare and even when it does precipitate, it usually gets sucked back in to the twilight area by the various jet streams in the planet. What ice that is there usually sublimes to form clouds, which is actually where the majority of rain activity across the entirety of the planet comes from.

Apart from weather, there are 5 asteroid moons of Alphos. While completely mined away now, these moons were once vital for the expansion of The Empyrean. They supplied fuel, their low gravity meant easy escape, and a base for the creation of alloys that are not possible to create in higher gravity.


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