Amana (RS 8474-914-7-749438-374 4 in 0.980) is a ringed temperate E-Class planet, homeworld of the Amanians and capital of the Amanian Federation. It is 4th planet of the Kenna’an System in the Milky Way galaxy, located 2,825 light-years away from Earth.


Amana (lit. “The home of the people”) is a world remarkably similar to Earth. With an ESI of 0.957, Amana is sometimes described as a “somewhat colder version of Earth”. As a result of the significant similarities between the two worlds, the Amanian species closely resembles the human form.


Amana has a slightly higher axial tilt than Earth, causing slightly more varied seasons than are present on Earth and a slightly stronger jet stream. Since more than 50% of the planet is land rather than water, the average daily temperature would vary immensely but the massive polar ice caps help to maintain it cooler and much more stable. A greenhouse effect of 8.57 °C creates average temperatures that are approximately 14 °C cooler than on Earth.


A large asteroid collided with the early Amana, less than a few million years after its formation. This had the effect of altering the planet’s tilt from roughly 4° to the present day tilt. The asteroid’s ejected remnants orbited the planet but never coalesced into a moon since it was within Amana’s Roche Limit, instead forming rings. The asteroid also carried organic molecules that promoted photosynthetic organisms to appear, which then scrubbed the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, replacing it with oxygen. Nitrogen also began to build up in the atmosphere around this time.

By Earth-year 1987, the Amanians discovered Warp, and not too long after made first contact with another species that had also discovered warp. After having heard some rumors about “Terrans” the Amanians independently discovered Humanity’s existence in 2257. However, they did not officially contact Humanity until 3127 due to the rising tensions within the URSS. After the first contact, the Amanian Federation later formally joined the Confederacy in 3130. This status quo was maintained until the Amanian Federation distanced itself from the fighting caused by the Split of the Confederacy, and was re-stablished when they re-joined soon after.


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