Amatria, also known as NGC 300, is a spiral galaxy located 6.7 million light years away from the Milky Way.

The galaxy is currently under control from the Amatrian Galactic Spherium (abbreviated as AGS), founded by the Orcians in 1000 CE.


Amatria as seen from above the galactic disk. The galaxy is controlled by the Orcians.


The first civilisation to conquer the Amatria galaxy was 175,000 years ago until they suffered an economic disaster, losing all funding for food supplies, trade routes, millitary defences and ultimately, the extinction of their species.

Upon the Orcian's development and invention of the Wormhole Drive, they sent out millions of intergalactic probes to the nearby galaxies to search for habitable worlds. However, some of their probes were destroyed by other civilisations in the galaxies they targeted. The Orcians soon fought back in the Attack on Auklin, an ambush on the Untoa in the Artria galaxy.

The attack was brutal and brought the two civilisations into an intergalactic war in 9982, properly known as the Amatria-Artria War, which had only lasted for 11 years until both sides ceased fire in 9993 and eventually signed the Juline Treaty between both galaxies. The galaxies have not been at war for thousands of years but the tensions between other galaxies far away, such as Yegassin, had started to soar astronomically until the Amatria-Yegassin War in 11032. 

The Amatria-Yegassin War had wrecked havoc and chaos within the Yegassin galaxy, mostly due to the small size of the galaxy and the security systems surrounding Yegassin. Amatria, on the other hand, had narrowly avoided a cataclysmic economic recession which led to many beliefs that the Orcians were soon to be met with extinction, however, senators from the Amatrian Galactic Spherium had reassured the public that the species was too supreme and advanced to meet the same fate another civilisation suffered 175,000 years ago.

Supreme control over the Amatria and neighbouring galaxies had remained stable for 3,500 years after the end of the Amatria-Yegassin War. The Orcians began exploring more galactic neighbours which soon brought them to the Milky Way in 13025, a century before the First Intergalactic War was declared. The Spherium and the Confederacy of Humanity made contact but agreed to not inferfere with each other's actions. Until the First Intergalactic War began, the Spherium unexpectedly dispatched data on their Wormhole Drives to the Confederacy to aid their side of the war. 

The First Intergalactic War had come to an end in 13231 with the Orcians sending fleets of colonisers to nearby galaxies. The colonisation process was several times faster than any other civilisation. Within a century, the Local Group is under control from the Amatrian Galactic Spherium.

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