"The Ambrosia Galaxy. Home to countless wondrous worlds, and even more wondrous life. I am extremely honored and humbled I have been chosen to be its leader"-Lakarda Lakvan
The Ambrosia Galaxy is an unbarred, flocculent spiral galaxy located 134 million light-years away from the Milky Way. It is the second largest member of the Thavma Cluster.


Ambrosia Galaxy
Known by the official numeric designation NGC 7083 by the Confederacy, it was later named Ambrosia due to its strikingly beautiful appearance. It is the home of 400 billion stars, hundreds of billions of planets, and countless life forms. The galaxy is so abundant with life, that around ten percent of all star systems in the Ambrosia Galaxy contain at least one world with native life, making it one of the most life-filled galaxies in known space.

It was also the home galaxy of the Etymology, an ancient intragalactic, and early intergalactic civilization that rivaled the Anera and First Civilization of the Milky Way in terms of strength.

It was also the home of the short lived Human Alliance of Ambrosia. An independent state of the Confederacy of Borealis.

The most powerful force in the galaxy is the C.Y.R.E.X. A hyper-intelligent A.I. hive mind, however it seems to only remain within the Ambrosia Core.

The current governmental body that holds dominion over the galaxy, while remaining within the Confederacy of Borealis is the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. This government functions as a democratic republic made up of several intelligent species. Other early embryonic to late type 3 civilizations are also located there.

Galactic Geography

The Ambrosia Galaxy is made up of seven regions. They are as followed:

Satellite Galaxies

The Ambrosia Galaxy has six satellite galaxies in orbit around it. They are as followed:

Basic Timeline

  • Formation Era: (13,0000,0000,0000 to 11,000,000,0000 BCE). An era where the galaxy was forming, early civilizations start to appear but don't progress beyond mid type two. The notable exception would be the famous: "Ones that Came Before" that came into existence in 12,640,000,000 BCE.
  • Pre-Etymology Era: (11,000,000,000 BCE to 3,400,000,000 BCE). An era where countless civilizations rise and fall, these range from early embryonic to late type three.
  • The Etymology Era: (3,400,000,000 BCE to 604,000,000 BCE). An era where the late type three civilization, the Etymology, reigned over the galaxy.
  • The C.Y.R.E.X. Era: (604,000.000 BCE to 10,265 CE). An era where the C.Y.R.E.X. destroy the Etymology and nearly all intelligent life. After the C.Y.R.E.X retreats within the galactic core, early embryonic to late type two civilizations begin to arise.
  • The Ambrosia Alliance Era: (10,265 CE to present) The current era of the galaxy, humans begin to subsume intelligent species into a galactic society via Intergalactic Gateways.

Known Intelligent Species (Not complete)

The following is a list of known intelligent species and their home worlds native to the Ambrosia Galaxy in chronological order. Included are those extinct, those still thriving, and artificial species.

Extinct Species

  • Capi of Et-Nos (Fully evolved on 3,401,000,000 BCE)

Thriving Species

  • Noctillius of Noctillian Worlds (Unknown if intelligent) (Known evidence in 12,990,000,000 BCE)
  • Zheroni of Forevermore (Fully evolved on 3,298,000,000 BCE)

Artificial Species

  • The Oblivione of Póli Ton Theón' (Created on 3,390,000,000 BCE)
  • The C.Y.R.E.X of Póli Ton Theón' (Created on 687,543,216 BCE)
  • Anciilis of Vitride Vitrum (Created on 1600 CE)
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