The Ambrosia Quantum Entanglement Communication Network is a public access broadcasting network open to the general public of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, and later the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in the Ambrosia Galaxy that has existed from 10,268 CE to the present year.


The Ambrosia Quantum Entanglement Communication Network has proven to be one of the most successful government funded open sourced broadcast centers outside of ones used by larger intergalactic organizations and corporations within the Alexandrian Network.

As it is open sourced, almost anyone can freely use their local broadcast station to air something on the network. However they must give a clear and concise description of what they wish to broadcast, and it must remain within a standard hour time frame.

Rather then functioning as a single broadcast station, various local colonies will have their own Ambrosia Quantum Entanglement Communication Network station in their respective areas. The programming of these networks will vary depending the on the region their broadcasting from, as the individuals making the programs will create unique programming with the intent of it only being broadcasted in their home area.

Though they are broadcasted from separate stations, in the event that a wider emergency needs to be broadcasted to several worlds, or if need be, all worlds in the Ambrosia Alliance of United System's domain, then all networks will receive the emergency warning broadcast simultaneously, which it is quite effective at. Control over this belongs to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems Department of Galactic Network Communications, and the larger Ambrosia Alliance government, but it has been given out to other extragalatic governments such as the Confederacy of Borealis, the Commonwealth, and most recently, the United Alliance of the Lewis Galaxy as they hold much political influence in the Ambrosia Galaxy and they may need to get out messages to those living within it.

Notable Incidents

Its overall function has been viewed very positively by the general Ambrosian populace, however no system of course is without problems, as the broadcast has been interrupted by hijackers several times in its history.

True Alliance of Man Hijackings Circa: 10,388 CE to 10,526 CE

The most famous of these would be the ones committed by the True Alliance of Man through the late 10,300 CEs that would replace the audio, or visual content of what was currently being broadcasted with True Alliance propaganda. The propaganda itself would vary depending on each incident in question, but they would usually involve the quotes of the rebel government's leader, Farda Yckar.

The most prevalent of these types of hijacks would use the famous quote given at the government's founding which reads as follows: "Let it be known that our government(s) have failed the true sons and daughters of man. They rather sell their freedoms for comfort, and abandon all that we hold sacred. I declare this day; A day of open rebellion towards our overlords. I declare this the founding of a True Alliance. "-Farda Yckar.

These types of broadcasts would be played extremely frequently throughout the First and Second Alliance Wars, causing much of the avid watchers that belonged to Human Alliance controlled worlds to simply stop watching the network.

The network also served as the tool that the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would use to end the Second Alliance War, as they used it to broadcast footage showing that Romeo Carolina (then leader of the True Alliance of Man) was the one responsible for the death of the government's first leader, Farda Yckar.

The Great Unifier Incident Circa: 60,250 CE

The next most notable broadcast interruption would be in 60,250 CE, this one would committed by a one: "Hanna Scio", the former chairman of A.I research of the Department of Etymology Technological Research. This event has been referred to colloquially as the: "Great Unifier Incident". Unlike most broadcast interruptions the network suffered from, this one was framed as an emergency alert sent by the wider Confederacy of Humanity, insuring that many people as possible were tuned in to it. After the the main sound effects ended, a woman's voice would begin to be heard, outside the norm of the typical text to speech programs that would be used.

It went as followed: "Good people of the Ambrosia Galaxy. You have been lied to, by both the Confederacy of Borealis we are obligated to follow, and the Alliance that you've trusted. I myself have participated in this lie, but I can no longer bare the guilt."

Have you ever wondered why the ones that came before us known as the: "Etymology" seemingly vanished? A people with technology that we are still attempting to understand that had existed for billions of years would just disappear like that? You were taught that it was gradual, that the civilization simply collapsed thanks to the isolated nature of the worlds it controlled's cultures. And we were told to teach you this with a smile...but it's not true. They didn't fall thanks to something so simple. They were destroyed. All of them. Every. Single. Last. One. Destroyed in a manner of days. All across the once."

"They created something. I don't know what *exactly* it is, but they created it. Something that brought their destruction. Something that's still here. It has been sleeping in the core of our galaxy, waiting until' someone wakes it. And it will. We cannot stop the Great Unifier, our destruction is neigh. We are all de- *broadcast is cut off*. While the general populace, and Hanna herself would be unaware of what she was *exactly* referring to, this was obviously in reference to the C.Y.R.E.X.

Afterwards, Hanna Scio would be charged with releasing information with the intent of causing public unrest by the Ambrosia Alliance, and she would be incarcerated indefinitely. Later on, this event would be painted as a broadcast hijack by a prankster and it has fallen out of mainstream public knowledge with time, and the Ambrosian people remain blissfully unaware of the C.Y.R.E.X's existence. As well, any reproduction of this event have been silently outlawed by the Ambrosia Alliance, as they attempt to cover it up. And thankfully due to Hanna not giving out her name, this was fairly easy to achieve.

Let Us Become One Circa: 89,034 to 89,035 CE

In 89,034 CE, all programming in the Ambrosia Galaxy across all communication types would have a strange audio clip that would constantly play in the background. This includes the Ambrosia Quantum Entanglement Communication Network, the Alexandria Network, and any private network and would last for a full standard year. The audio would simply state the following: "Let us become one." And it would be said in almost every known language spoken in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems Department of Galactic Network Communications have it traced back to the neighboring Thavma member, the Megalith Galaxy, and the Ambrosia Alliance believes that this was a harmless expression of offering an alliance between the galaxies. A reply message was sent to the Megalith Galaxy, but mysteriously, they never responded.

Mysterium Region Broadcast Circa: 195,653 CE

The Mysterium Region Broadcast is a little too odd to put into words, as it not only effected the Ambrosia Quantum Entanglement Communication Network, but all communication networks that the Confederacy of Humanity has a hand in running. The content of the broadcast was about the strange Mysterium Region of the Ambrosia Galaxy's Dryas Cloud that causes all matter that enters within its area to disappear from the materiel universe.

While not actually being a broadcast interruption, most viewers of the network have viewed it as such due to its complete nonsensical nature.

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