"In all its glory, the galaxy stands united together. No matter what the threat is. Nothing will change our way of life." - Aeris Mendovar.

The Ammeria Galaxy, or simply Ammeria, is a spiral galaxy located 1 billion light years away from the Milky Way. It is separated into two spiral arms, the Tymon Arm and Sophicate Arm, inhabited by dozens of civilisations.


Communication between Ammeria and the Confederacy of Borealis is non-existent. They acknowledge each other's existence by listening into their radio signals, but have made no attempt to establish contact. So far, the civilisations in the Tymon Arm are measured between Type I and II on the Kardashev scale.

Galactic Regions

The galaxy is separated into three individual regions: the Tymon Arm, Sophicate Arm and the Galactic Core. Most civilisations in the galaxy reside within the two major arms, as there is an abundance of material, like gas and dust. However, this also means giant stars gravitate here, making the spiral arms a hot spot for supernova activity.

In the core, however, there is a deadly dose of radiation from giant stars and the supermassive black hole, as well as the extreme abundance of energy. This makes it so that any complex life in the core is nearly impossible.

Basic Timeline

Age of Dissension

Beginning in the 70,000s CE, the numerous civilisations of the Tymon Arm established contact with each other. However, their xenophobic attitudes towards each other resulted in cultural and military tension. The nations experienced surges in nationalist politics soon afterwards. By the mid-82,000s CE, the public support for military conquest was at an all-time high.

Age of Prosperity

At the end of the Age of Dissension, civilisations negotiated and signed a peace treaty. While nationalist attitudes were still popular among in each nation, the military build-up of the millennia's before started dwindling down, and with that, culture's became more inter-connected.

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