Also known as NGC 6459, the Anaya Galaxy is a Hubble "S" type Galaxy and it is located at 394 million light years from the Milky Way in the Constellation of Draco.

It is the nearest Galaxy to the famous Lewis Galaxy, from which Humanity came and expanded into this Galaxy.


It was discovered by Lewis A. Swift in April 19th, 1885 for Humanity.

First deep exploration of the Galaxy began in the 88 540 CE, by Imperial authorities, with several missions launch. It wasn't until the 92 900 CE that human ships first visited the nearby Galaxy. The Union also started its own exploration program into the Galaxy in 100 210 CE and by 108 450 CE the Lewis Federation and the United Alliance had also join. The Republic of Sion, joined much later in 115 344 CE. It wasn't until 125 466 CE that the first colony was established in Anaya, in the Planet Aira, after Hyperdrive was greatly improved and allowed human travellers to travel faster and expand quicker, improving communication among Galaxies. Soon other powers from the Lewis Galaxy expanded into Anaya, being this Galaxy a trying and improving start point for the Intergalactic expansion that was about to follow in those nation's history. Although settlement was sparse at the time. Massive colonization of the Galaxy just started in between 126 000 CE and 145 000 CE.



The Main powers in this Galaxy are the Empire of Mankind, the Union, the United Alliance and the Federation and to a Lesser extend by the Republic of Sion. The first to arrive into the Galaxy was the Empire of Mankind in 125 466 CE establishing its first colony in Aira. Soon the Union and the Federation followed and later on the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion also join the new frontier exploration and settlement, although it wasnt until 150 000 CE that expansion into this galaxy became important.


They had settled the Margins of this Galaxy, since all efforts were on the more attractive Lewis Galaxy. Still by 124 466 CE Aldorians had already established several colonies on the other side of the Anaya Galaxy, mainly from the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Confederacy.


Are a local species from this Galaxy, they have only expanded into the Anaya Galaxy and are known for being of a secretive nature, not allowing the Humans and others to intervene in their affairs. They inhabits mostly the central core of the Galaxy. Although commerce exist between them and the other species in the Galaxy, entrance of any other species into their space is forbidden. If any ship enters their space, it is inmediatly shoot down. This cause several tension between Aldorians and Humans with the Klakhun, due to different incidents happening in their space. This has alted Aldorian raids among the Klakhun, although sometimes the Aldorian Assembly of Clans manages to do some quick unnoticed raids in their space, selling Klakhun slaves to the Aldorian High Kingdom as an expensive commodity due to their rarety and difficulty to get.


Are a lesser evolved species, that have just started its expansion into nearby planets. They are peaceful to humans but are frequently at war with the Aldorians, specially the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans, since they hunt them for slave force.


The Krizik expanded into this Galaxy as well, especially the Krizik Regime and the Krizik Stratocracy from the Medusa Galaxy.

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