Androids are robotic beings usually designed to resemble a life form or have the characteristics of one.


The first Android was WABOT-1, built in 1971. Early Androids were more robotic and lifeless however as time went on, more human-like Androids were built.

After the Technological Singularity in 2045, Androids had essentially became members of society, having civil rights and even living their own independent lives soon after.

Most are even capable of displaying emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger as in-built quantum computers can interpret and simulate emotion.


Androids have various appearances depending on model. A lot of them have come to look indistinguishable from Humans whereas others tend to look more robotic. Most Androids are humanoid although there are certain models that move around differently.


As stated previously, Androids are considered to be full on members of society but there are still some people who think they are "just machines" and should stay that way although these types of people are a minority in the Confederacy.

Many Androids live their own lives, some having even formed relationships with other Androids and even humans in some cases. Many people consider Android-Human relationships to be extremely unnatural and are strongly against it. Obviously Androids can't reproduce with Humans so a Human-Robot couple would have to adopt.

Androids don't generally get insulted since most of them are programmed to ignore insults although calling one a "tin can" or "rust bucket" is offensive to some.

Androids don't typically have a culture of their own since they're usually built to fit in the culture of whatever world they're manufactured on.

On the other hand, there are groups of Androids that have formed their own cultures or colonies. For example, the Templars in the Andromeda I galaxy.

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