Andvari's Ring is a small ringworld between the orbits of Venus and Earth.


Andvari's ring is around the size of a small dwarf planet, having a diameter of 298000.00 km. The ringworld is titled slightly which allows it to have a day to night cycle and also spins much faster than Earth to generate artificial gravity.

It is a very popular tourist destination throughout the Sol System and has a population of around 4 billion. Most citizens live in shiny cities, dotting the continents whereas others prefer to live in small villages amongst the idyllic countrysides.

There is a also a hypersonic vactrain that goes around the entire ringworld at the "equator", named the Niven Express and is the main method for travelling to different parts of the structure.

While Andvari's Ring is its proper name, most simply refer to it as "Ringworld" or less commonly "The Ring" or "The Bracelet".


Construction of Andvari's Ring started in 4241 and was completed in 4560, being placed in between the orbits of Earth and Venus. It was named after a mythical dwarf who kept a magical ring in Norse mythology.

After completion, various wildlife from Earth was transported to its vast forests although it took some time for them to adapt to the short days and nights. Millions of Humans also migrated to the new cities there while others built smaller villages.


Andvari's Ring has a constant temperature of 19 °C due to having a constant stable tilt. The weather here is controlled by its government, even having a schedule for when to rain.

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