Angel (1)

Angel's Landing after terraforming

The second world settled by the Heritage Mission.


When the first colonists landed on Heritage in the year 4077 the second in command, Angel White, and a few other colonists were concerned about the odds of survival on a desolate world with very few sources of water. She argued that the mission move on and try and find a better world for colonization.

When put to a vote, she and only a few hundred others were outvoted. She decided to petition to receive two colony vessels to try and reach another world. After anything the colonists could use was stripped from both ships they departed, looking for a second world. The ships kept within a dozen light years of each other, constantly scanning. After a couple years their scanners detected a world within the habitable zone. The ships warped into the system (RS 8409-3586-6-14692-64 in 9.7.3.) and began making detailed scans of the planet. They detected signs of life on the planet. Fearing it was an alien homeworld, they scanned more. They found no signs of intelligent life, only that there had been a recent volcanic eruption as the atmosphere was saturated with volcanic ash and dust.

Angel (2)

First image of the planet

They used what little terraforming technology they had to begin to artificially speed up the planet’s healing process, even saving some of the plants and animals on the planet. They then began building up the atmosphere of the planet to Earth norms. The first colony settled on the equator and set up a small town out of the local tree analogue as well as mud and brick. From there, more colonists immigrated and expanded on current colony towns or built new ones. The population grew. As of 10000 the global population is around 3 billion.


For many centuries after being founded, Angel’s Landing was technologically inferior to the rest of mankind. Many native Europeans immigrated to a northern area of land named Nova Europa because of its resemblance to Europe. However in 4561 there was a revolution against the government that allowed the inhabitants to use more advanced technology.

Many of the inhabitants of Angel’s Landing are very religious, believing that Angel White was more than just a woman, but an angel in disguise. She blessed the land the moment she set foot on the ground. Some worship her as their goddess even, but most believe she was sent by God to bless the land and hold her in high reverence. She is held nearly as high as God is.

They are a very puritan society, unlike their sister world Heritage. However, they are very friendly to outsiders and welcome visitors to their world. Thanks to the low gravity the inhabitants are taller and a bit skinnier than most human

Physical Description

With a diameter of 7660.6 km, the planet’s gravity is half that of Earth’s at about 0.6 G. It has a semimajor axis of 1.2 AU giving it a year length of 1.3 years. The day length is a few hours shorter than a standard at 20 hours and 12 minutes.

The planet is a bit older than Earth at about 5.2 billion years old. It has one captured asteroid as a moon.



Map of Angel's Landing

A temperate E-Class world, this planet, the fourth in its system, has an axial tilt of 31° and 3’, meaning the seasons are a bit more extreme than Earth. The atmospheric pressure used to be 0.2 but with terraforming efforts the pressure went up to around 0.9. The planet has a mean temperature of around -17 °C. Because of the small moon the planet barely has any tides.

Native Life

The life on Angel’s Landing, to paraphrase the words of Angel herself, seemed to have been tailored for humans. While genetically a billion years ahead of anything on Earth, the planet never developed anything more intelligent than a dolphin. The creatures are edible as are the plants, and are some of the more delicious delicacies among the Confederacy.

Some animals are very friendly to humans and have even been domesticated.

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