Angertharke is a planet in the Archas Major system, and an outpost of the Xaridgar.


Angertharke is a small but habitable planet, with a diameter of only 2287 kilometres. After terraforming, the planet has a mostly stable ecosystem and is able to support normal life for the Xaridgar inhabitants.


Angertharke was originally an uninhabited planet, referred to as Archas-2, that the Archas did not bother inhabiting. They sent an occasional research craft or drone to the planet but nothing permanent.

In 2710, the Archas started construction on a military base on Angertharke.

When the Xaridgar-Archas War began in 2712, the military base was fully completed and established, housing Archas for deployment elsewhere.

Angertharke was the location of one of the main battles in the War in 2922, where the Xaridgar fought the Archas in aerial combat. The battle lasted five months, and left the Archas base destroyed and any remaining Archas evicted from the planet. The Xaridgar inhabited the planet as a military outpost, beginning efforts to terraform the planet to fit their needs.

The Archas attempted multiple attacks on the planet over the duration of the war, none of which were successful.

By the end of the War in 3140, the terraforming on Angertharke had reached a suitable level for life to survive. The Archas officially surrendered Angertharke to the Xaridgar, who renamed the planet. Within a few years, more Xaridgar moved to the planet, making it an official colony.


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