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Angriel with it's collection of 8 hurricanes

Angriel (or RS 1190-59-7-318044-146 4 in is a temperate E-Class world and homeworld of the Tarcav.


Located in the Triangulum galaxy, Angriel orbits a yellow dwarf called Opali as the fourth planet. It supports both marine and terrestial life. It's semimajor axis from Opali is 0.734 AU. The whole system is around 8.6 billion years old. With a total count of 11 moons, Angriel has more moons than Earth. However, most of them are captured asteroids, only one is a warm D-class world called Bakari.


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Map of Angriel

With a diameter of 17800 km, Angriel is fairly bigger than Earth. It has a mean temperature of 16°C. It's day length is 12 hours, 14 minutes and 8 seconds. It orbits Opali in 244.165 Earth days.


Angriel's atmosphere consists of 75% nitrogen, 24.97% oxygen and 0.3% carbon dioxide. Storms occur quite frequently.


Angriel is the homeworld of the Tarcav, a humanoid species. They are a very aggressive and religious species that believe that they were chosen by their gods to hunt down and eliminate or enslave all non-believers. Their age of space exploration began 40 thousand years ago with the landing on their biggest moon Bakari. Other lifeforms on the planet only occur in the ocean since the Tarcav built a gigantic city which occupies all the land mass on the planet. Forests only exist in relatively small domes to ensure the oxygen supplying of the city.

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