The Angriel-Bakari war was an interplanetary conflict between the inhabitants of Angriel, the Tarcav, and the inhabitants of Bakari, the Losuuai.

Galaxy Triangulum Galaxy
Followed by... The Trujas-Extinction
Started 21153 BCE
Ended 21140 BCE


After the discovery of the Losuuai and their atheistic culture in 21154 BC, the Tarcav planned a war against the Losuuai. One of the leaders of the Tarcav stated that it is "a war in the name of our gods." The war itself started with minor bomb attacks on small villages of the Losuuai which were going on for one year, but eventually escalated in a nuclear war in 21152 BC.

The Losuuai, still surprised by the sudden attack of the Tarcav, commissioned their best scientists to design and build a nuclear bomb with a power of 78 megatons. The bomb was finished in 21148 BC, but was never used due to a nuclear first strike of the Tarcav heading for one of the major cities on Bakari. The following battle went down in the history of the Tarcav as the "month of blood". During that battle which lasted for 31 days, over 350.000 Tarcav were killed, but the battle is still considered a victory because almost twice that


A painting of Joundena before the war

amount of Losuuai were killed. The war ended with the destruction of the capital city of Bakari, Joundena. It was originally planned to take over the city, but the plans were changed after the unexpected strong defense of the city. More than six million Losuuai were killed during the nuclear bombardment of the city.

The war lasted for 13 years and ended with the destruction of all major cities on Bakari and the enslavement of the last survivors of the Losuuai. Over 4.5 billion Losuuai were killed during the war and with a former overall population of 5.1 billion, the Losuuai almost went extinct. The Tarcav "only" lost about 50 million soldiers, the infrastructure of Angriel was still intact.

After the war

The war is considered one of the greatest achievements in the history of the Tarcav. For a long time, they were left in peace until a new civilization crossed their way which started another bloody war.

The infrastructure of Bakari is still completely destroyed, the rest of the Losuuai live in small camps near the ruins of the major cities that were destroyed during the war. Now, they have to mine minerals that the Tarcav need to build and power their ships.

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