The Aolia system is a star system in Bayle's cloud. It is made up of a red dwarf star, Aolia, and 10 planets, of which one, Nysha, supports life. Humans also have set up colonies on Nysha and another planet, Lhos.


Aolia's system:


  • Daba, hot D-Class
  • Krauv, hot J-Class
  • Lhos, warm E-Class
  • Vaedul, cool J-Class
  • Kogev, cold S-Class
  • Nyna, cold I-Class
  • Curo, cold I-Class
    • Kesha, cold I-Class
    • Ehra, cold I-Class
  • Nysha, frigid T-Class with life
    • Nepati, frigid S-Class
  • Yshath, frigid J-Class
    • Mikana, cold S-Class
    • Telo, cool S-Class
    • Eadjo, frigid S-Class
    • Takil, frigid I-Class
    • Ojro, frigid I-Class
  • Keklaus, frigid N-Class
    • Dahib, frigid S-Class
    • Ionos, frigid I-Class
    • Qisn, frigid I-Class
    • Jest, frigid I-Class
    • Kasyl, frigid I-Class
    • Ceosen, frigid I-Class
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