Aqua-Inferni is the fifth planet of the Vinum System located in the Vocatus Nebulae in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a hot O-Class world and serves as the "capital" world of the Cosmic Vineyard alcohol manufacturer.


Aqua-Inferni is a hot oceanic hell world that glows with a hellish orange color. Though its atmosphere's temperature is hellishly hot, its waters are very temperate and hospitable. This has left the planet as a world of two major extremes.

Like all oceanic planets, Aqua-Inferni's surface is completely covered in one large ocean that leads all the way to the planet's core. The pressure at the core is so intense that the friction caused by it has made the core's temperature over 2,000 degrees Celsius.

The planet's atmospherics is primarily made up of water, with trace amounts of carbon dioxide. This is what gives the planet its hellish orange coloring. It also leaves the atmosphere very hot due to the greenhouse effect as the water in the atmosphere traps almost all of the heat within it.

It was once the only planet in the system to have a major moon, this moon, nicknamed "Inferni" would orbit the planet for most of its history. However due to gravitational influence inflicted upon it by its sister planet Cupam the moon would be sent into the planet's Roche limit, tearing it apart and forming a large ring system in 9006 CE.

The planet's orbit is slowly encroaching into that of planet Cupam's. By the year 100,000 CE, Aqua-Inferni will become the only major moon of the gas giant planet.

It continues to serve as the capital, or corporate headquarters of the Cosmic Vineyard, the most prominent alcohol manufacturer in the Ambrosia Galaxy. So much so that the planet's own prime minister is the president of the Cosmic Vineyard company, a human woman by the name of Lita Saltata.

It's only colony, Vineyard City, constantly produces large quantities of alcoholic beverages, as well as alcohol for various other purposes. It produces over 12,000,000,000,000 liters of alcohol per standard week. Because of this, it, and Vineyard City are very popular tourist destination.


Aqua-Inferni formed within the planetary accretion disk that was created shortly after the formation of its parent star, Vinum, in 7,128,370,000 BCE. The moon, Inferni, would form alongside it.

It began its life as a temperate Terra world and it remained this way for hundreds of millions of years. This would not last forever however, this was due to increasing tidal forces inflicted on it by the gas giant planet Cupam. With this its continents would be sunken into the oceans. After this event the planet's sea level would rise dramatically and submerge all the remaining land mass on the planet. Turning the planet into an ocean world.

With this, the planet's atmosphere would thicken immensely, covering it entirely in water. The new chemical would keep all heat entering the atmosphere trapped within itself, making the planet a very hot hell like world.

Aqua-Inferni's moon "Inferni", would orbit Aqua-Inferni for the majoirty of the planet's history. But with gravitational influence by planet Cupam, Aqua-Inferni's orbit would enter closer to Cupam for billions of years. With this gravitational tug-of war, the moon Inferni would be launched into Aqua-Inferni's rouche limit. Thus, it was torn apart and became a large ring system encircling the planet in 9006 CE.

Once the Human Alliance of Ambrosia discovered the Vinum System and planet Aqua-Inferni in 10330 CE, a floating colony would be constructed on the planet's surface. The population of this originally small colony would conduct readings on the larger Vocatus Nebulae the star system inhabited, once it was discovered that the nebulae was comprised exclusively of the alcohol chemical, a company of alcohol manufacturing would founded on 10331 CE by Lita Saltata.

After the company's founding, the small colony on the planet would grow larger as the alcohol produced there would become quite the successful venture to those who have invested in it. By the year 10349 CE, the colony would have a population of 14,000,000. It was also renamed to "Vineyard City", for obvious reasons.

After the Human Alliance of Ambrosia's now famous economic disaster, Vineyard City, as well as the larger Aqua-Inferni and the Cosmic Vineyard originally would not be affected by this event. However with the increase of corporations in the government, larger alcohol manufactures from galaxies like the Milky Way, and the Andromeda Galaxy would begin to produce their own respective alcohol in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

With this, when the True Alliance of Man was founded in 10388 CE, the Cosmic Vineyard, as well as all respective worlds in the Vinum System would join this new government. And with the True Alliance's dismantling and joining of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 10526 CE, Cosmic Vineyard and Aqua-Inferni would join with it.

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