Aranim, home to the sentient species Corela. An ice giant of variating colours, this planet is shrouded in mystery. Some say the Corela civilization hides something in the core of the planet.

It is located in the Celestara binary system, in the Negamane (RG 0-0-0-520) galaxy.


The ice cold gas giant Aranim is home to the aerial civilization of Corela, and also home to many mysteries. The Corelian civilization is led by the Shimba Laah, Arana for "Grand Council". Every 7th year, new (or current) representants are elected by the people of Aranim.

Aranim is also the capital of the Alliance Of Four . The Ministers Of Four and The High Seat Of Aranim resides here, in the Sanborra Cloud Citadel.


The Corelian civilization is the oldest and most advanced of all the AOF civilizations. It is the pioneer of Celestaran space travel and the founder of the AOF.

The people of Aranim have built giant skycities that stretch into the atmosphere, all the way from the bottom. Due to the intense pressure around the core, the Corelians are the only species able to survive at the very lowest levels. Rumors have it that they are hiding something inside the core and that the talk about not being able to survive down there is just a cover-up.


The cities of Aranim reach high into the atmosphere. They are multi-leveled cities which usually consist of more than a thousand levels.

There are different districts around the planet where clusters of skycities are found. Each cluster has a transit system between each city, while there are cloud shuttles between the districts.

Secret Superweapon

While the talk about other species than Corelia are unable to live close to the core is true, the rumors about something hidden there are also true. Loo Baran Yuurum, Arana for "The Wasteland Creator", a machine of cataclysmic powers, is hidden close to the core. While the Aranim civilization would never use it against its own alliance, the weapon is kept secret due to its inhuman abilities. It was once used during a war against a long forgotten warmongering civilization. The LBY is capable of turning a planet into a barren wasteland by changing the atmosphere and terrascore drastically, hence its name. After the war, the Corelian government decided that it was too inhuman to use and sealed it away near the planetary core. It might be used in future wars if no other option remains.


Like the Avanu, the Corelians are fond of alien life and welcome new species with open arms. As the oldest civilization in the alliance, they have presented the other three civilizations with technology and spiritual teachings for ages, uplifting them and guiding them.

Like the Sana civilization, the Corelians are especially interested in costume arrangements.


Aranim has one natural satellite, the moon Malabenia. It also has several space stations and artificial satellites in orbit around it.


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