Arath is a huge temperate oceania, also known as a " super earth ". It is very massive for a terrestrial planet, and has a huge 20 moons.


The oceans on Arath are incredibly deep, creating a pressurized ice known as Ice 7. It isn't cold ice, but so dense the water is compressed into it. Because of this, life probably can't develop here.


The same probe that discorvered Remaria discovered Arath the same year. Colonists then came shortly after, and set up cities. The planet is mainly a trading outpost, used for exporting mass amounts of simple water for transport and terraforming.


Due to the planet being a super earth, it captured many moons. All but 3 of these moons are small, temperate asteroids that do not have a large effect on the tides. The 3 remaining moons are all large enough to become spherical, and as such are temperate selenas. They are all very similar. However, occasionally these moons align and cause huge tides, which is a major problem for the floating cities.

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