The Arati are an Alien species, native to the Planet Aran, in the Mora System, located in the Nucleus Aratis as it is known to humans, in the Lewis Galaxy. They have thus expanded to nearby Galaxies. The Species is similar to large mamalians with fur covering all over their bodies. They are alongside the Koors, the only intelligent lifeform native to the Lewis Galaxy. They classify themselves on a Clan based system that has endured to this day. The Clan system is very large with a thousand different Clans, all originating in their home planet.

There are two subcultures of the Arati, one that bases its clan system on a patrilineal lineage while the other one bases its clan system on a matrilineal lineage. Honor and Allegiance are for the Clan. The Arati though are a peace driven species that tends to avoid conflict rather than provoke it. Still, when they do are at war, they can be ruthless and very strong and hard to defeat, since their tenacity and loyalty to the clan is immense and thus can give their lives in sacrifices for the benefit of the community.

They government is a Clan Assembly in which any member of the Clan can speak publicly and expose their issues or concern to the rest. Each clan sends their most respectable members to the Assembly Clan. Due to the harsh condition of Aran, the Clans have always been forced to cooperate with each other for survival and success. Since then, they were forced to live side by side and specialize for the community. This communal live was key for their success as society and later unification of the Planet through a transnational government, the Clan Assembly, that slowly diluted the other smaller nation-states that existed previously. This allowed for scientific research and soon, space technology was developed and the Arati where capable to reach space and colonize other planets.

That's why there is only one Arati Nation, since the beginning, the species has avoid secession and consider itself one big family.</p>

Biology and Reproduction

This species is similar to large primates and are viviparous. Although they are quite similar to bears of earth, in the sense that they are large and strong and can have large fat volumes that helps them to retain heat in cold environments.

Their body is covered fully in fur, except for the face. The male Arati have horns that previously, in primitive states, served to fight for Arati females. The Males have darker complexities, but can also figure some light ones, while females are rather of lighter complexion but this can change from clan to clan. There is a large morphological difference between male and females. Females don't have horns and have larger heads.


Female Arati

Their organs are similar to those found on humans, with larger quantities of blood, and a faster metabolism able to warm up faster. That's why they can't really prosper in very hot areas. They possess four extremities with large arms and legs that allows them to run fast distances in a short period of time. They are very resilient and can endure hardship pretty well.

They are viviparous, with just one offspring each time, specially during early pregnancies. Triplets or Twins are also common, especially after the first pregnancies. The Females possess sacks that can hold up to three babies inside until they are able to walk. Babies have the ability to see and hear, as well as grab things since they are born. They are also born with full fur.

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