The Arborami are a Plant-like, Mid-Late Type IV Species from Eli. Arborami Inhabit most of the Overgrown Supercluster, a neighboring supercluster to the Virgo Supercluster.


Arborami are a very small, plant-like species that live considerably long. Arborami are able to, like Earth's Gecko, make their arms and legs Sticky, enabling them to climb hard slopes. Arborami can also lure predators(and other unwitting Arborami) with a beautiful bulb on top of their head, which emits a pleasant aroma. Arborami are incredibly intelligent, moderately higher than Humans on the Ralis Scale.

Society & History

Arborami are a somewhat new species, delving into technology quite quickly. their sticky arms give them an advantage when trying to grab items or when in combat. For a large majority of history(and still today), Arborami Society is broken into two groups; a tribal group, which adhere to tradition too much, and a group of scientific, advanced group. Arborami Constantly get into short, possibly earth month long wars, which quickly get resolved, sometimes with a cake.

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