Arc'Til (RS 1190-464-9-72965422-29 A3 in beta patch 7) is a warm E-Class located in the Triangulum galaxy almost 3 million light years from Earth.


Arc'Til with its only moon Nacir.

It is the third planet from its sun Kyser, an M6 V type star. Arc'Til resides in a binary system which contains a red dwarf star and a brown dwarf star. The two stars orbit each other every 13.2 years with a separation of about one astronomical unit.

It is estimated that the planet and its solar system is 9.8 billion years old, at least twice the age of the Earth.


Arc'Til is a warm planet with suitable conditions for the presence of life. Its magnetic field is weaker due to the small size of the core which contains Iron and Nickel with a tiny amount of Cobalt (another magnetic element). Despite the planet's scarcity of liquid water, life still exists, even in the most harshest conditions on the planet. In summer, the ice at the edge of the ice sheet on the night side can sometimes melt and form small rivers for minutes (usually 15 to 30 minutes) then disappear.

Arc'Til has one, small moon about 70 kilometers in diameter called Nacir. It orbits every 3 hours and 29 minutes. This is equivalent to 49 orbits every Arc'Tiliae year.


Life emerged on the planet about 8.7 billion years ago when oceans covered the day side of the planet. As the oceans dried up, life on Arc'Til became rare and almost faced a mass extinction. However, some of the ancient ocean water was absorbed into the sea bed soil which has now become the land mass seen today. Lifeforms have taken on strange forms but some seem remarkably familiar to Earth life, such as the Ifel plant, which resembles a cactus in a desert. 

Arc'Til is the home world of a Type I civilization known as the Zeatir; small, slender humanoid creatures that have dominated and conquered their planet for about 450,000 years. Their ancestors were slightly taller and lived in the terminator zone of the planet; the space between the day and night sides, where it is most temperate and most lifeforms are found. 

The atmosphere is dominated by small, insect creatures called Aerts that fly around the terminator zone. About 7 cm in length, it has extremely tiny arms and legs. Aerts are usually found in the sky due to their bioluminescent eyes which has allowed them to see in the dark better. Aerts, including Zeatir, are one of the only creatures on the planet that have cross-bred to produce hybrid offspring. Rarely, another creature can be seen in the sky, known as the Oarts. They are endangered species on the verge of extinction due to the sudden climate change caused by the Zeatir. They are roughly 20 meters in height and about 7 to 10 meters in length and width. 

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