Archas Minor was a colony of the Archas.


The Archas discovered Archas Minor in 1945, along with their star, Archas Major.

In the year 1995 the Archas colonized Archas Minor, building shielded cities so that they could live on the planet safely.

By 2700 the planet had 4 million inhabitants. However, the conditions on the planet were no longer suitable for the Archas, and they searched nearby systems for new planets. They discovered the Xaridge system and its inhabitants, and attacked the system, intending to take it for themselves. Many of the inhabitants of Archas Minor left.

By 2703, Archas Minor had around 13,500 inhabitants. The Archas used the planet as a test for their new terraforming technology. The experiment failed, and the surface of the planet was devastated, killing all the remaining inhabitants.

When the Xaridgar-Archas War started in 2712, the Archas used the planet to test their technology again, this time testing the power of their new weaponry. The entire planet was destroyed, forming an asteroid belt around its star.

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