Archer is the homeworld of the Archas.


Originally, the planet was lifeless and dead. However, the Ycowth on Monte Traxis genetically engineered a species that could only live in cold environments. They chose Archer as the species' new homeworld.

When the Archas were first placed on Archer, they were suited for the cold environment of the planet. However, as time went on they needed to move to warmer locations. In 1945, scientists, looking for a new homeworld, discovered seven other objects in their system. The two largest were given the names Archas Major and Archas Minor. After technology improved, Archas Major was confirmed to be a brown dwarf rather than a planet. The closest planet to Archer, named Alair, was chosen as the new Archas capital. By 1970 the Archas had made technology powerful enough to let them inhabit Alair. Archer was almost completely abandoned, but some Archas continued to live there.

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