Archimedes is the fifth planet of the Beta Hydri star system and one of the first to be terraformed by humans.


Half as old as Earth, Archimedes was formed like most planets of its type over two billion years ago from interplanetary dust and rocks. Like most planets of its size it formed a thick and deadly atmosphere to humans. It was unable to form natural life due to multiple factors such as its size and deadly atmosphere. In 2382 the planet was first visited by a fleet of unmanned drones which were a part of the MSEP. They explored the system, made note of any unusual and unique areas of potential study and then moved on.


Initial image from probe.

Humans visited the system in 2573 in order to perform a more detailed analysis of the system. When they reached the fifth planet, they discovered the world would be a suitable planet for terraforming after years of research. In 2612 a terraforming platform was constructed in orbit of the planet, which had by this time been renamed Archimedes, and began.

The first step was to slow the planet's rotation down. At the time the rotation was only around twelve Earth hours long. Gathering ice asteroids from the system's asteroid belt the planet was bombarded with those asteroids at an angle in an effort to slow down the rotation. At that same time the terraforming team released bioengineered microorganisms into the atmosphere in order to convert the deadly atmosphere into breathable air for humankind.

Once this had been completed around twenty years later, the terraforming group was prepared to release larger bioengineered organisms into the new saltwater oceans as well as saltwater plant and animal life. Fortunately these took well to the environment. At the same time, the first generation land plants and animals were placed on the planet. It took around another hundred years for equilibrium to be achieved by all life involved, but in the year 2763 the first human colonists set foot on the newly terraformed planet.
Archimedes map

Map of Archimedes.

Around the turn of the millennium when the Confederacy took control, the local governments of the planet were one of the first to place their support in the new government.


Archimedes boasts some of the most notable thinkers and philosophers the Confederacy has ever seen, from the great Talar Strong to Justinian Unvar. Due to the heavier gravitational pull physical labor isn't something that is sought after by the locals. The majority of their schooling consists of the study of human and alien philosophers. The planetary governments are ruled by the most wise and (in most cases) older individuals.


Plant and animal life on Archimedes has had to adapt to the heavy gravity and as such are more sluggish and shorter. Trees have thicker tree trunks and don't grow as high as they would on Earth. Animals are stronger and have more muscle than their terrestrial counterparts.

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