The Archurion Galaxy is an exceptionally colorful massive upper-class galaxy that is currently located within the Laniakea Supercluster. Ever since its discovery in 2200 CE, it has mystified almost everyone who has come to see it. The galaxies' age itself appears to be very ancient, with a predicted age of 13.4 billion years. With this result, it is one of the oldest galaxies in our universe to date.

What The Archurion Galaxy abnormally rich in antimatter, which has proven very useful for energy production in those regions. Most of the other matter (~99.98%) is stars, dust, and the supermassive black hole.

The Archurion Galaxy also acts like a huge hub for travelers to refuel, and for tourists to explore its anomalous properties. Some of which will be explained later in this article.
Archurion's central black hole

Archurion's central black hole.


A picture of The Archurion Galaxy. Photographer chose to be anonymous.


Here is the link to the mod! Simply put it in SpaceEngine/addons.

**This mod only works in SE 0.980 or 0.980e!**

Sad news, everyone!

The Archurion Galaxy mod does NOT work in 0.990! I tested it, and it is very weird when you look at it from a flat angle. Stars and nebulae are also bugged. Maybe PlutonianEmpire, the creator of this mod, will fix it up for 0.990, but I am still not too sure about that possibility. Sorry!

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