Arenaline is a hot desert planet orbiting around the white Gerathun star that's located in Dynamire galaxy. It is the 3rd planet from it's star. It's name is a pun on latin word "arena" which is "sand" and English word "adrenaline".


Arenaline is about two times smaller than Earth but has about the same rotation period (but it's year is noticably shorter). It's got much lower gravity, which causes some amount of the desert grain to float around in the air - but no further than troposphere. It's atmosphere is nearly completely carbon dioxide which, no doubt, attributes to the massive average temperature, which is 135.58 C. Despite this local unicellular organism diversity is somewhat rich. Even though Arenaline is pretty much one biome with the only moisture dissipated in the air and inside the dry-looking sand, the mineral combinations across the planet lends to quite diverse sights depending on which location on the planet it is.


Arenaline is not inhabited by any civilization and due to it's life potential is essentially a wildlife preserve, even if it's for unicellular organisms. The observation is carried out by small drones which visit most life-inhabited planets in the galaxy.


Arenaline has enough diverse life to be given a decent analysis on this very page. All of it is terrestial - every time any microbe wanders too high in the air, it gets killed by the excessive heat. The organisms move in rapid fashion, contracting and transforming their soft bodies, though some have harder bodies due to the absorption of sillicates.

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