Argonya, occasionally called Argonia, is the ninth planet in the Yed Prior system, and was discovered in 7042 CE.


Argonya is a temperate ringed ocean planet with a few small habitable islands scattered across its surface. Due to their small size, the planet only has a population of around 12 thousand.

Terraforming projects were started soon after its colonization but they were soon abandoned along with any further plans to inhabit the planet. Most of the inhabitants on Argonya prior to the abandonment of the terraforming plans stayed on the planet.


Argonya from Fedruevis

A photo taken of Argonya from the surface of one of its moons, Fedruevis.

The climate on Argonya is generally warm even though it is the ninth planet from its star. The main islands get warm temperatures all year round, while some islands further from the equator get more extreme seasons.

Surprisingly, for a planet with the climate that Argonya has, no sentient life had evolved on the planet. The only native lifeforms recorded on the planet were small plankton and fish.


Argonya has at least 20 moons, most of which are dwarf moons. The only moon which has been explored is named Fedruevis, also known as Yed Prior 9.1. This moon has not been explored by any living being, but an unmanned spacecraft was sent to its surface to research it.


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