Argos is a planet located within the Odysseus Galaxy. It was once the homeworld of the Ikhvan, a humanoid race predating the discovery of the Odysseus Galaxy by Humanity.


Argos is a fairly flat planet that is comprised of a single landmass that covers the majority of the planet. At one point, long before the arrival of humans, it is believed that the planet was covered in vast oceans, however, they have long-since evaporated, for one reason or another. The planet is littered with several volcanoes, both dormant and extinct, however, the extinct ones now outnumber the dormant and active ones as the geological processes on this now dying world begin to slow. Much of the planet is now desert, with only a few sizable forests remaining on the surface. Colonists on the planet have, of course, worked to counteract this as much as possible, however, it is likely that the planet will be abandoned within the next two-thousand years.


Argos was formed around the year 8.067 Billion BCE alongside much of the system it resides within. For much of that time, no sentient life inhabited it, however, roughly around the year 250,000 BCE, that changed with the evolution of the Ikhvan, who, for many hundreds of thousands of years, would be the dominant species on the planet, eventually going on to rule a third of the galaxy at their height. However, for one reason or another, the Ikhvan either died off or vanished to another region of the universe, never to be heard from again. Eventually, Human colonists, alongside those from other races, would find the planet and begin to settle there, finding the ruins of that long-lost civilization. Over time, these ruins would be explored as the planet was further settled, eventually becoming one of the most prominent worlds in the Odysseus Galaxy once more.

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