Armstrong City is the capital city of Luna and the second major settlement after Fort Jupiter.


Armstrong City was founded in 2041 which is when construction began. It first started out as a domed city with a few skyscrapers and smaller house like structures for colonists to live in, having a population of 30,000. As time went on, more colonies were built and each of them was connected to Armstrong City by fast trains.

By 2367, the dome was eventually removed as Luna was fully terraformed and the city began to grow into a megacity with a population of 50 million.


Tall skyscrapers make up much of the sprawling cityscape with the tallest being Lunar Tower which is where the city's mayor resides. Other major structures include, the Lunar Senate, the Earth-Luna communications spire, Armstrong City zoo which houses various Lunarian wildlife and the Armstrong hotel which is famed for its luxurious spas, saunas and restaurants. The outskirts of the city is the where the houses are located.

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